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HVDC-982 Battery Pack Discharge Tester

friendly man-machine interface, a variety of settings and data check under the menu prompt,stores the discharge process data that can be archived to the USB flash drive.analyzed through special software in upper computer to generate the curves and report

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Product Description

HVDC-982  Battery Pack Discharge Tester


Ⅰ Introduction

Uninterrupted power supply is the basic protection for running all the equipment and network systems of constantly improved informationization and automation. Whether it is AC or DC uninterrupted power supply system, battery as a backup power supply in the system plays an extremely important role. At ordinary times, battery is in the floating charge standby state, but once the AC power blacks out or other accidents occur, the battery will become the only power supply of the load.

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Product:HVDC-982 Battery Pack Discharge Tester

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PROJECT: HVDC-982 Battery Pack Discharge Tester

It is known that battery has normal service life cycle, but it often has premature function failure due to such quality problems as material defect, structure defect or process defect, or improper use, etc. To test the standby duration and actual capacity of battery group and to ensure the normal system operation, the checking discharge test is conducted on the battery group on a regular basis or as needed according to the maintenance procedures of the power supply system, so that individual cell that has or is close to function failure can be detected in an early stage for replacement, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of the whole battery group, or the expected life of the battery group is evaluated.

After years of R&D, the company has developed a series of highly intelligent battery charge and discharge tester with proprietary technology. This tester can be used as the discharge load in the battery off-line state, and realize the constant discharge of the set value by continuously regulating the discharge current. When discharging, the tester will automatically stop discharging when the voltage on the battery group terminal or the cell falls to the set lower limit value, or when the set discharging time is out, or when it reaches the set discharging capacity. In the meantime, the tester records all valuable and continuous real-time data during the process.

This tester system uses wireless relay access to the voltage monitoring information of cells, which is simple, safe and accurate.

The tester has a very friendly man-machine interface, which not only enables a variety of settings and data check under the menu prompt, but also stores the discharge process data in the memory that can be archived to the USB flash drive through the data interface. Such data can be analyzed through special software in upper computer to generate the curves and reports needed.

This instrument has perfect protection function, with sound and light alarm and clear interface prompts.


Functional Features

Ø PTC ceramic resistor is used to avoid red heat for a safer discharge process.

Ø The cell monitoring module adopts remote RF wireless communication mode for voltage data transmission, and can set up to 4 independent frequency bands, that is, it can transmit data simultaneously with up to 4 monitoring systems in the same area without interference or channeling.

Ø Wireless collection box can monitor each cell, realizing complete monitoring of battery group discharge process, and it has three data collection methods:

1. Data transmission is carried out between the cell monitoring module and the tester master.

2. Data transmission is carried out between the cell monitoring module and USB wireless terminal.

3. Data transmission is carried out among the cell monitoring module, the tester master and USB wireless terminal.

Ø Each tester can monitor 25 cell collection boxes, and each cell collection box can be connected to 12 batteries, monitoring a total of 300 batteries. The tester can automatically screen the serial number and voltage value of the highest 6 batteries and the lowest 6 batteries, and display them in different colors on the display screen.

Ø Cell voltage value can be displayed in two ways, namely the sliding form and the sliding bar chart.

Ø PC software in upper computer can record and analyze the total voltage, discharge current, each cell voltage and other data, and generate the data reports accordingly, to visually show the battery group performance curve, graph, report, etc. and for printing and check.

Ø The USB interface of the tester can store the data of the discharge process into the USB flash drive, which then is imported into PC. The PC data management software can analyze the battery discharge process and generate corresponding data reports, further facilitating the data transfer and storage.

Ø Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7-inch 1024*600 HD LCD display, capacitive touch control operation, built-in Chinese-English switch menu, and simple and clear menu operation.

Ø Automatic stop protection function, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, reverse wiring protection, alarm prompt on screen upon any alarm stop, and automatic switch-off of the air circuit breaker.

Ø The conditions of charge/discharge termination can be set, including cell low voltage, group low/high voltage, small charge current, charge/discharge time, and charge/discharge capacity. When any of the conditions are met, the tester will automatically stop testing with buzzer prompt and automatically record the reason for stop.

Ø Online compensated charging/discharging can be carried out, and the discharge test can be carried out on the online working battery through an externally connected current clamp sensor, which greatly facilitates the testing work. This feature is especially suitable for applications where there is only a single set of backup batteries.

Ø RS485 remote control charge, discharge and activation functions.

Ø It has the functions of charge, discharge and activation in multi-machine parallel mode by only operating in the display screen of the parallel instrument with parameters as the master. The instrument with parameters as the slave can automatically follow the master’s instructions to distribute power evenly, and start or stop operation.

Ⅱ Parameter


III Basic Working Principle





Series Models and Configurations


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