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PROJECT: HVKC-8B Beaker Timings Tester2022-11-18

Project:HVKC-8B Beaker Timings Tester

Other names:
Circuit Breaker Analyzer/ Tester

Time: Range 4000.0ms Resolution 0.1ms 

Speed:Range 20.00m/sResolution 0.01m/s 


Stroke of belowRangeResolutionError
Vacuum circuit breaker50.0mm0.1mm1%
SF6 circuit breaker300.0mm1mm
Low oil circuit breaker600.0mm


With the development of the society,people has higher requirements for the safety and reliability of electricity,high voltage circuit breaker take on dual task of control and protection in power system,it’s good and bad performance is directly related to the safe operation of the power system, the mechanical characteristic parameters is one of the important parameters to judge the circuit breaker performance.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer is a special instrument which development and manufacture by our company for various high voltage switching action characteristic test, it can measure accurately the mechanical dynamic characteristic parameters of low oil,high oil,vacuum,SF6 and so on high voltage circuit breaker with various voltage classes.

The instrument adopted large screen display,English hints man-machine conversation mode,English display results and print out, has advantages of intelligentize, multi-functional, accurate data,strong anti-interference,easy operation,small size,light weight,nice appearance.


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Product: HVKC-8 Circuit Breaker Analyzer (HV Switch Tester)

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News: HVKC-8 Circuit Breaker Analyzer (HV Switch Tester)

PROJECT: HVKC-8 Circuit Breaker Analyzer (HV Switch Tester)