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Why HVLC Series Wire Laser Barrier Cleaner(Laser Cannon)is sold well?2022-06-15

Why HVLC Series Wire Laser Barrier Cleaner(Laser Cannon)is sold well?





At present, the transmission lines above 35kV in the overhead lines of the power system in various cities are all bare wires, and there are as many as a thousand foreign objects hanging on the wire every year within a length of thousands of kilometers.

The traditional treatment method requires line blackouts or live work, but line blackouts reduce the reliability of power grid power supply, increase the risk of regional blackouts, and cause greater economic losses and negative social impacts.

In the past, the main method of hanging foreign objects or removing harmful trees was to rely on personnel to approach or enter high-voltage electric fields, directly or indirectly contact charged objects, remove falling objects, and endanger trees.

Doing so has high operational risks, great potential safety hazards, and takes a long time to work and is labor-intensive. In recent years, there has been a serious shortage of people working on live elevations in various places

Ⅰ.  Advantage


Ⅱ.  Safe and secure

1 set of safety management system:

Machine operator and safety officer dual-authorized startup mechanism, work record traceability software (optional)

2 sets of aiming systems:

Optical aiming system for video safety indication and aiming indication

Visible laser coaxial indication to realize night operation

5 sets of operational safety controls:

Power (220kV) key control

Equipment emergency stop control

Laser ray control (12V): Class I control [safety officer]

Class II Dual Control [Operator]

Power regulation control

HVLC-02 Wire Laser Barrier Cleaner (Laser Cannon) and HVLC-03 Wire Laser Barrier Cleaner (Laser Cannon) uses 48V DC power supply, light and safe

Ⅲ.  Work Overview