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PROJECT: HV-TC Cable Fault Detector2022-10-22

HV-TC Cable Fault Detector

Other names:
Cable Route Detector

                      Cable Tracer

Farthest test distance: 15Km (open wire up to 100 km)

Detection blind area: 1m 

Data-reading resolution: 1m

Power dissipation: 5VA 

Product Volume: 275 × 220 × 160mm3 


This tester can test various types of power cables (voltage 1KV ~ 35KV) and telephone cable, FM communication cables, coaxial cables, and the short circuit on the metal overhead cables, grounding, high resistance leakage, high impedance fault flash-over ,cables disconnection, and poor contact fault; and it can also test the length of the cable and the waveform transmission velocity. 

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Product: HV-TC Cable Fault Detector

Tutorial Video Of HV-TC Cable Fault Detector (Host)

Tutorial Video Of HV-TC Cable Tracker and fault locator

Tutorial Video Of Cable Fault Detector

News: HV-TC Cable Fault Detector SOLD to our Australian Customer for their state-cross buried lines

PROJECT: HV-TC Cable Fault Detector